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Why I joined SeneGence



Last year my friend Morgan started wearing this beautiful lipstick that she swore up and down didn't come off.   She would post videos of her kissing her two young boys, and they would happily show that they didn't have lip marks all over their faces.  I thought it was too good to be true.  That was of course, until I tried it for myself!  

I spent an afternoon at Morgan's house playing with her LipSense collection while her boys napped.  She told me all about how this miracle lipstick worked, and how passionate she was about it.  A few days later I just KNEW that I needed to get my hands on more of this stuff.  It wasn't long before I was signed up as a distributor mostly so that I could get a discount on makeup.  Who wouldn't want that? 

Little did I know that joining SeneGence on a whim would lead to so much more.  Not only have I been able to start my own small side business, but I have also had the opportunity to meet countless women who have become my friends.  Women who build each other up and cheer each other on each and every day.  

I've talked before about how difficult it is for me to have female friendships, but this was easy.  Having something in common right out of the gate was certainly helpful, but I've found that this business attracts a certain type of woman.  The women that I have met are hardworking, passionate, thoughtful, strong females.  They care deeply about each other, and about watching each other succeed.  There is no competition, because they know that when one of us does well, we all do.  They are helpful in answering questions and listening to my fears.  This is the type of person I long to be. 

Never in a million years did I think I would get so much out of this business, but it truly has been such a pleasant surprise. 

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