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2018 Reading Challenge


I have always really loved to read.  When I was young my parents read to me every day, and I grew up always seeing a book on each of their nightstands.  Unfortunately though, in the last few years I have not been reading nearly as much as I would like to.  I feel like I go through phases where I will read non-stop for a few weeks or months and then not even pick up a book for just as long. 

So this year I set a goal for myself to read 30 books by the December 31st.  I've never set out to complete something like this, but I'm excited to try!  I decided that one of the best ways to keep track of the books I've read is to use Goodreads.  Goodreads is a website that tracks your reading progress.  You can create bookshelves based on books you want to read, are currently reading, or have read.  They also have a feature that allows you to set up an annual reading challenge.  It will track how you are doing and even let you know if you are on the path to complete your challenge by the end of the year.  I've had a Goodreads account for years, but never really used it constantly, so I hope that this year I can make a habit of doing regular check ins.  

Because I spend a lot of time at work listening to Audiobooks and Podcasts, I've decided that of my 30 books for the year, no more than 10 will be audiobooks.  Also, no more than 10 will be read on my Kindle.  I think that there is really something so special about picking up a book in your hands and turning the pages.  Am I the only one? 

One of the other really cool things about Goodreads is that you can add friends on it, and see what they are reading.   You can also follow along if they have set a reading challenge for themselves.  I'm a fairly competitive person, so being able to see where I stand among my friends is a really good motivator for me. 

If you have a Goodreads account you can find my profile here.  Let's be friends so I can follow along with what you're reading.  I'm always looking for book recommendations, so if you have any great ones please drop a comment below! 

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